Download Minecraft 1.7.5/1.7.4

Since we aren't allowed to provide direct links to full unofficial versions, you can download Minecraft using the torrents below. To use these torrents, you need a BitTorrent client like uTorrent, which is free. Torrents are basically files that tell torrent clients what to download (more on torrents).

Minecraft 1.7.5.torrent
Minecraft 1.7.4 torrent

After you install uTorrent, open the torrent and it should automatically be loaded into uTorrent. Once it's loaded, uTorrent should start connecting to peers to begin downloading Minecraft. If you need help using torrents, watch a video tutorial for detailed instructions. Did I mention that you need the latest version of Java to play Minecraft?

After the Minecraft download is complete, extract the file. Open the extracted folder and run the .exe file to begin installing the game. If you are using a Mac, watch this tutorial to make your computer capable of running Windows files with WineBottler. Once it's done installing, you'll be greeted with the Minecraft logo followed by the custom launcher made by TeamExtreme.

Click OK to update the game if it asks you to update on the first run. The download for Minecraft is usually very quick and will give you the necessary files to play on the latest unofficial servers. If it doesn't ask to update, don't worry about it since you probably don't need to.

Username and Password
To play on unofficial servers with other players, you'll choose a username. You won't need a Minecraft account with Mojang to play since this is the unofficial version. When you join a server, it will ask you to register a password for your username. Please note that this password is username and server specific, so every time you join a different server, you'll need to register a new password. The server will tell you how to register your password, and it's typically "/register password confirmpassword" without quotes. You may need to sign in after registering in the future using a similar command like "/login username password" without quotes.

Please note that you can't play on official servers that check for a premium account.

Download Minecraft SP

The only difference between Minecraft SP and the browser version is that you can launch the game from your desktop instead of your browser. It's probably best to play from your browser if the computer you're using is unable to install software, like a school computer. The link to download Minecraft SP is below.

Minecraft SP.jar

Installation Just run the .exe file and you'll see the launcher asking for a username, which you can set as anything since you won't be able to play online anyway. If you are using a Mac, it will work too. You can play online but you need to make sure "Force Update" is checked.

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